2 rings debut for practical use-oriented super economy series. The pocket can contain a CD (the plastic case does not enter). They are closed, and the ingredients finish it with black plating. There are two pieces of protectors. I can make a note by a simple design on the back of the back label. Even if the A4 wide closes a clear pocket, I do not protrude from a cover. ●Ring-style file ● standard: The number of A4-S ● appropriate accommodation: 140 pieces of ● back length: 29mm ● color: Yellow ● cover: The number of PP ● holes: 2 hole ● external form dimensions: 307* vertical 235mm in width ● ring inside diameter: 20mm
JAN: 4977564338503
◆Body weight (kg): 0.18 ◆ 個装幅 (mm): 242 ◆ 個装奥行 (mm): It is 308 ◆ 個装高 (mm): 36 ◆ 個装重量 (kg): 0.186