I am suitable for building interior construction and wooden furniture, housing part with an outsize other than a school or a work classroom. It is the adhesive of the reliable type not to include a plasticizer and formalin. I am not worried about an adhesion part when I dry as it becomes transparent. In addition, it is easy to treat it and is convenient as I can cut it after drying. ??Capacity in ?? vinyl acetate resin system emulsion form ?? transparent after bond ?? aqueous ?? drying for the woodwork: 3 kg of ?? container shapes: Polycan (with a handle) ?? packing form: There is no package
JAN: 4901490401406
??Body weight (kg): 3.2 ?? ?�E?? (mm): 161 ?? ?�E�ñ??s (mm): It is 162 ?? ?�E?? (mm): 194 ?? ?�E?d?? (kg): 3.228