A file and a book are hard to fall just to put it! I balance easiness of putting in and out after the pasting up with a slipper effect! It is proven by a vibration experiment! �œEarthquake-resistant article �œ dimensions: 25mm in width X long 1.8m �œ materials: Urethane, polyester, acrylic resin
JAN: 4548623833286
�ŸBody weight (kg): 0.03 �Ÿ Œ‘••� (mm): 61 �Ÿ Œ‘•‰œ�s (mm): It is 29 �Ÿ Œ‘•�‚ (mm): 110 �Ÿ Œ‘•�d—Ê (kg): 0.03