?B By simply inserting the documents Staples guard can be. Per second at a speed of 2 will be binding. Choose a number between 2-70 pieces,. Flat Lynch not bulky. -Close-stop equipment-electric stapler-flat Lynch-No. 70 FE needle use stitch-number: 2-70 cards-dimensions: width 100 x back 220 x 112 mm high-mass: 1. consumption-15 kg power: 15W-binding speed: 2 times per second-stitching depth: parallel binding (automatic) about 6-18 mm, parallel binding (manual) 3-18 mm corner binding (automatic) approx. 14 mm-26 mm-stitch mouth dimensions: 9 mm-stitch motor driving system and needle automatic feeding system:-operation switch: paper sensor system + manual-loading: removable cartridge-loading capacity: 5,000-Accessories: (5000 pieces) 1 sample cartridge, adapter-private needle:. 70 FE (sold separately) order code: 265-879