Affordable pure type 20 solid volume. Get one at a time from the case. -Flip-box-pull type-quantity: 20 volume x 1 box-color: Asagi-dimensions (per print): vertical 788 x 1091 mm-grid: 50 mm solid, 25 mm dotted line (gray)-grammage: 76. 7 g / (duodecimo converted to 66 kg)-in cardboard-country of origin: Japan-squared single-sided / single-sided solid-JOINTEX original-SMRTVLUE smart value * note) SMRTVLUE flip each series differ in form and color.
? Body weight (kg):1.38 �Ÿ more interior width (mm): 70 �Ÿ pieces exterior depth (mm): 820 �Ÿ pieces exterior height (mm): 70 ? pieces weight (kg):1.53