It is a box file made of corrugated cardboard which I can classify systematically just to throw documents. I can carry out a classification, the rearranging of documents by the combination with the individual folder efficiently. I take it, and the finger which is convenient to take a file out of a shelf is belonging to a hole. �œA standard: A4 side �œ external form dimensions: High 245* width 102* 317mm in depth �œ body: A �œ body color made of corrugated cardboard: Gray �œ storing width: 100mm
JAN: 4971660427208
�ŸBody weight (kg): 0.01 �Ÿ Œ‘••� (mm): 245 �Ÿ Œ‘•‰œ�s (mm): It is 415 �Ÿ Œ‘•�‚ (mm): 12 �Ÿ Œ‘•�d—Ê (kg): 0.188