Body width (mm) 1800. body depth (mm) 325. body height (mm) 25. body weight (kg) 4.5
/ white for the /W4 white for color (top plate / body frame) WS
●A body frame: White (W4)
●A panel heart: Chipboard, paper honeycomb core regenerated paper
●Size: Thickness 25mm, panel body H325mm (height H352mm from a top plate side)
●One connection part is attached
●Hanging maximum loading mass per one piece of panel: In the case of use of one side in the case of 1 kg, use of meeting 2 kg (but assume it 1 kg of meeting mass defect)
●Use of pinup is possible
※I cannot attach the side desktop panel to LA desk.
※Please choose the desktop panel for the WS top plate as a desk of W4 for the LGY top plate on a desk of LGY.