Light album alternative mounts a L-JHR-5


?B Light, thin and able to write. Light light ?i Light ??Write ?j, Hell album for free mounts. Use 100% pulp and supple high resilience, is strong. Perfect gluing pictures strong initial adhesion, curled and easily ????????. And set the stopper tape to the edge of the mat, the ????? from the film and prevent wrinkles. Pale dot print with a convenient layout. Able to write record and a picture taken on the various and convenient. -Standards: ?l?c?? size-hole number: 25-hole-free mount-square hole-???b?? ring binding Jig for-affixing effect size: 315 x 242 mm-dimensions: height 325 ?~ 272 mm-: pieces of 5-product name: ?t?G???‰?C?g album mount replacement-packaging: transparent bag-packaging unit: 1 / 25

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