One step of Cruise catalogue case CR77001 A4 size



It is the catalogue case which is convenient for display and the storage such as various brochures or handbill catalogues. On earth a design is strong beautifully as it is molding. As there is the hole for the hook on the back, it is available as business for a wall. I can anticipate an advertisement effect more if I strike a name case. ??One step of A4 size ?? size: Width 235* depths 95* high 273mm ?? materials: “§???X?`???[???÷?‰???{‘??V???N???????“???‰能?i???????¨???‡???????????j???F?F Transparence
JAN: 4943740770016
??Body weight (kg): 0.26 ?? ?・?? (mm): 300 ?? ?・‰??s (mm): It is 250 ?? ?・?? (mm): 110 ?? ?・?d?? (kg): 0.46

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