It is the catalogue case which is convenient for display and the storage such as various brochures or handbill catalogues. On earth a design is strong beautifully as it is molding. As there is the hole for the hook on the back, it is available as business for a wall. I can anticipate an advertisement effect more if I strike a name case. ??One step of A4 size ?? size: Width 235* depths 95* high 273mm ?? materials: �g�˜???X?`???[???�€?�ñ???{�e??V???N???????�g???�ñ”\?i???????�N???�ö???????????j???F?F Transparence
JAN: 4943740770016
??Body weight (kg): 0.26 ?? ?�E?? (mm): 300 ?? ?�E�ñ??s (mm): It is 250 ?? ?�E?? (mm): 110 ?? ?�E?d?? (kg): 0.46