Pentel Ain extra lead Stein C275-F


Technology of the strength, Stein structure. A frame supports a core from the inside. Therefore it is hard to compromise! Stein establishes a frame with the reinforcement silica in the inside of the core. For the structure that this frame supports the whole core from the inside, I realize the highest-level strength. It is the smooth totally new sharp extra lead which I write it and incorporated technology of the strength in in addition to taste. The case which turns a cover, and can pick up a core. ●Mechanical pencil extra lead ● core diameter: 0.5mm ● hardness: The length of the F ● core: 60mm ● core number 40 ● number containing: One
JAN: 4902506269263
◆Body weight (kg): 0.005 ◆ 個装幅 (mm): 20 ◆ 個装奥行 (mm): It is 6 ◆ 個装高 (mm): 79 ◆ 個装重量 (kg): 0.005

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