Body width (mm) 650. body depth (mm) 620. body height (mm) 930. body weight (kg) 13.3
LB026S light blue with back reinforcing resins molded article, mesh tension, back cushion
Seat mold urethane, cloth tension LB026S light blue
Leg reinforcing resins molded article
Caster urethane brakes caster
Body resin BK09P black
??Use of the reproduction resin
??I consider materials indication, material classification
??The exchange of parts is possible
??I do not use Freon
??The headrest is optional.
??I slip too much and wind up urethane to a wheel as prevention, and an urethane brakes caster is a caster designed safely so that brakes hang. I show a maximum effect at the time of the use on the firm floor.
??I can attach the elbow. Specifically, please refer to the store.
??The floors may be damaged in casters. Please be careful beforehand.
??I take off a back cushion, and the use as the mesh type is possible, too.
??I prepare the caster which I can change by a use place, floor quality. Specifically, please refer to the store.
??For a quality improvement, I may change specifications without a notice out of necessity.
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