Body width (mm) 396. body depth (mm) 580. body height (mm) 610. body weight (kg) 20
Color (top plate / body) DGY/DGY dark gray / dark gray
●A top plate: Resin (PS)
●The body: Steel sheet, the resin firing painting
●An end plate: Resin (ABS)
●It is with an all the paragraphs latch and is working under oar locking mechanism, symmetry key, lower berth fall prevention caster
●[accessories] Three steps: Pen tray 1, parting strip S M L for each one or two steps: Parting strip M L for each one or two steps (lower A4 correspondence): Parting strip L2, two steps of kolo type: Parting strip L2
※A high adjuster is necessary whether you set the side cabinet of H640mm at the flat desk without the drawer.
※A caster of LX-046SC-3, LX-046SC-B2, LX-046SC-2 is a caster controlling four. (with a front wheel stopper)
※As for the caster of the kolo-style type, only in the front-back direction, movable; do it. (there is no stopper)
Household articles (other than a shelf) for the environmental information green purchase method conformity storing