Body width (mm) 1500. body depth (mm) 750. body height (mm) 720. body weight (kg) 28.8
Color (top plate / leg) W4/M4 white / silver
Lower limbs space 1,434mm
●A top plate: Melamine resin smoothly planed board
●A top plate heart: Chipboard (top plate thickness 25mm)
●An edge: Resin (ABS)
●A leg: Aluminum, steel sheet, the resin firing painting, color, silver (M4)
●750mm in depth, free duct (I throw it in and wire it)
●[accessories] Length wiring cover 2, XR-L187HN, XR-L167HN, XR-L157HN, XR-187HN, XR-167HN, XR-157HN: Wiring tray 4, XR-L147HN, XR-L127HN, XR-L117HN, XR-147HN, XR-127HN: Wiring tray 3, XR-L107HN, XR-117HN, XR-107HN: Wiring tray 2
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