It is the subclassification of documents and the dumping in-type folder which is convenient for temporarily storing it. I can perform a more effective classification if I use a box file together. In addition, I pierce it and can close documents if I use the stick fastener as there is the cut for the fastener. ??A standard: B4 ?[ E (ten pieces) ?? external form dimensions: ?? materials which the fold for 272 (+15) vertical X 378mm in width ?? gussets enters three every 7/6/6mm (maximum gusset 19mm in width): File card ?? color: Light gray
JAN: 2147345083980
??Body weight (kg): 0.75 ?? ?�E?? (mm): 16 ?? ?�E�ñ??s (mm): It is 287 ?? ?�E?? (mm): 378 ?? ?�E?d?? (kg): 0.75