Modified tape
A why gone mini-roller of the bibit color! I store it in the pen stands clearly. A small roller of the tip adheres to a retouch. A convenient one-touch opening and shutting cap. Leaving a head and a mechanism part; the disposal only as for the exchange cartridge. I can easily change it just to pull it from side to side having the both ends of the body. ??Modified tape (nail spare type) ?? roller head ?? specifications: Body ?? tape dimensions: 4.2mm in width X long 6m ?? external form dimensions: Width 18* depths 110* high 25mm ?? length pull type
JAN: 4977564531386
??Body weight (kg): 0.02 ?? ??E?? (mm): 65 ?? ??E????s (mm): It is 22 ?? ??E?? (mm): 150 ?? ??E?d?? (kg): 0.02