Rotring isograph IPL spare nib 751018 0.18mm



It is a stable ink flow, quality of high line, a pen point for drafting pen "isograph IPL" corresponding to the high speed line drawing. As the collar which linewidth is easy to distinguish is different; as for the exchange easily. ●Linewidth: Spare nib for exclusive use of ● ink infusion-type type ● isograph IPL for 0.18mm (ISO international standard) ● paper
JAN: 4006856751031
◆Body weight (kg): 0.001 ◆ 個装幅 (mm): 24 ◆ 個装奥行 (mm): It is 50 ◆ 個装高 (mm): 17 ◆ 個装重量 (kg): 0.003

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