A drawing case for the carrying around with the lock function automatic in retractility. Because it is convenient for management, the mail of the large-scale drawing and is made of plastic, I am strong in water and it is light and is strong. �œ�œ body size belonging to round shape �œ shoulder band: A diameter 55* H460mm �œ three steps adjustment �œ body color: Black
JAN: 4955888595864
�ŸBody weight (kg): 1.8 �Ÿ Œ‘••� (mm): 55 �Ÿ Œ‘•‰œ�s (mm): It is 55 �Ÿ Œ‘•�‚ (mm): 460 �Ÿ Œ‘•�d—Ê (kg): 0.18