Scotch tape, 3 M ポストイットケイセンイリ 635-5 AN 0021200714412



76 mm x 127 mm
W12. 7 x D5×H7. 5 cm
375 g
Simple easy-to-use, familiar post-it (R) products. Easy to write and easy to read. Is a notebook of kaysen. Kaysen got a lengthy note also list of ideas from can be written cleanly. Write the difference undoubtedly read, message is transmitted accurately. Use plenty of good-value pack
◆ kaysen into notes ◆ color: Burgundy, melon, vivid yellow, Orange ◆ size: 73 x 123 mm ◆: pieces of 100 x 5 pad
Adhesive: water dispersion of adhesive.

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