The seamless plug adoption that is hard to receive a noise. �œCable �œ cable head for the picture: 1.5m �œ support model: Apparatus �œ correspondence standard having an HDMI terminal: HIGHSPEED with Ethernet, 3D/4k2k, Audio Return channel �œ connection apparatus: DVD - HDD recorder and full high-definition TV, projector
JAN: 4905524850505
�ŸBody weight (kg): 0.06 �Ÿ Œ‘••� (mm): 70 �Ÿ Œ‘•‰œ�s (mm): It is 30 �Ÿ Œ‘•�‚ (mm): 198 �Ÿ Œ‘•�d—Ê (kg): 0.06