The high quality template which processed plastic of good quality precisely. The board is thick and is durable and endures long-term use and is economical. I can use the kind without asking a student and professional use with richness. By the transparence blue finish that eyes are not tired from, there is an ink edge. ??A color: Transparent blue ?? contents: Combination ruler (82 holes) ?? body size: 115* vertical side 230* thickness 1mm ?? material: Body = special acrylic acid resin (impact-resistant acrylic Sumi peck HT), bag = PP ?? ink edge ?? packing form belonging to: Bag case
JAN: 4955414976037
??Body weight (kg): 0.01 ?? ??E?? (mm): 122 ?? ??E????s (mm): It is 267 ?? ??E?? (mm): 2 ?? ??E?d?? (kg): 0.03