Join tex fall prevention mat 20*20mm 24 pieces A704J



I fall down by simple setting and prevent it. It is usable again and again if I wash in water and is economical. To the large household appliances such as a PC or the large monitor. ●OA security article ● adhesion gel ● maximum load: 60 kg (2.5 kg per one piece) of ● number containing: 24 pieces of ● dimensions: 20* vertical 20mm in width ● material: Polyurethane ● thickness: 2mm ● color: Transparence ※Maximum load: It is the load per 1 package. ●JOINTEX original
JAN: 4547345018711
◆Body weight (kg): 0.001 ◆ 個装幅 (mm): 105 ◆ 個装奥行 (mm): It is 1 ◆ 個装高 (mm): 150 ◆ 個装重量 (kg): 0.035

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