The magnet clip of the type of plastic. The concave shape that it is easy to pick up. York board, with protection film which is hard to be damaged. ●Is closed magnet clip ●; the number of sheets: Approximately 60 pieces of ● width of the mouth: 25mm ● color: Orange ● external form dimensions: ● materials with vertical 40x side 25x thickness 23mm ● pack: Body = ABS resin, hole existence (8mm in diameter) ● JOINTEX original ● SMARTVALUE smart value for bounce department = stainless steel ● suspension
JAN: 4547345025467
◆Body weight (kg): 0.022 ◆ 個装幅 (mm): 50 ◆ 個装奥行 (mm): It is 25 ◆ 個装高 (mm): 75 ◆ 個装重量 (kg): 0.024