A stylish slim design! �œAs I wind it up with slim type �œ 1 parts which do not take the space of �œ on desk for tape cutter �œ great winding, Komaki very much and wind up the small and double, I can prevent the loss of parts �¦�œ color that the tape is sold separately: Pink �œ winding size: Large winding, Komaki for two uses (Komaki application tape: to 24mm in width, 30m in length) �œ external form dimensions: Width 64x depths 194x high 102mm �œ mass: Approximately 1.1 kg
JAN: 4970116032768
�ŸBody weight (kg): 1.1 �Ÿ Œ‘••� (mm): 198 �Ÿ Œ‘•‰œ�s (mm): It is 69 �Ÿ Œ‘•�‚ (mm): 112 �Ÿ Œ‘•�d—Ê (kg): 1.1