The surface becomes hard to gain wounds on the name card surface in specially processing it. It becomes hard to copy a toner and the ink by non-transcription (※ name card case thickness: 0.3mm (upper part tag hole 0.6mm) ※ tag hole size: oval region = width 12* high 3mm, both sides circle region = width 5* high 3mm), too. I can deposit and withdraw it from the top.
●Tag-type name card
●Pass case type
●Spare case
●Soft type
●Classification: The extra-large side
●Middle paper dimensions: 69* vertical 97mm in width
●External form dimensions: 91* vertical 108mm in width
●Materials: Olefin-based resin
●A number with 1 pack: Ten pieces
●With middle paper ※There is no handling only for middle paper. ※There is no handling of the rose.
●JOINTEX original
●SMARTVALUE smart value