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We ship Japanese stationery to worldwide.
We ship Japanese stationery to worldwide.

Stationery gift set special feature

Office Japan Gift Set

[Limited model in the fall of 2021, only 200 sets] Sakura Craft Lab 001S Aging Edition SAKURA CRAFT.LAB 001S Aging Edition is engraved on the axis "SAKURA 1921-2021".
EggnWorks (Eggun Works) notebook 3 books set with wrapping bag♪

Limited item [In stock] Hisago HISAGO HH1995 One Piece SARASA Sarasa Ball Pen Sabo [Character Goods]

[With wrapping bag] Camio dragonfly monograph MONO GRAPH "MY FAV", "CHECK me."

[With wrapping bag] ZEBRA Zebra Delguard 0.5mm Delguard Mechanical Pencil Crayon Shin -chan "Glitter Pajamas", "Pajamas", "Friends", "Chocobi" 4 pattern sets

[With wrapping bag] [Yura olive]☆100 % Miyazu from Kyoto Prefecture, Olive Tea 10 Pack
Terai Chemical Guitar Taisho Roman High Calinki

Office Japan Gift Set Flower Pencil
Office Japan Gift Set Hashiil! Empit